Friday, 8 January 2010

last shadow puppets

In the summer on 2008 I was obsessed, quite literally with last shadow puppets. For those who don't know, last shadow puppets are a band comprising of alex turner (arctic monkeys) and miles kane (formerly singer of the rascals). For a reason unbeknownst to myself I suddenly became obsessed again and decided that the good people of the blogging world would like some photos of alex and miles.
If you haven't listened to them before I really do recommend them, the album is incredible. It's definitely in my top albums of all time, it's called the age of the understatement.


  1. I only have like two of their songs.
    The first picture? oh lord ♥
    (yeah I'm being lame and commenting on all the posts. I decided to use tonight to comment back on other peoples blogs - well. the ones that commented on mines anyway...hehe)

    Sahara xo.