Monday, 27 December 2010

Cloak & Swagger

Earlier this year, Jenna and I were fortunate enough to bump into Karel, the man behind the fantastic online magazine known as Cloak and Swagger. It's been almost a year since they first kicked off and to celebrate the occasion they had a houseparty! See below. 

'Imagine the wackiest, craziest, brightest houseparty you've ever been to, now fill
it with a group of eager young bloggers and sprinkle generously with the freshest
threads. As the party season rumbles into full swing and to celebrate nearly a
year of Cloak & Swagger we invited our contributors to come down for a very
special, one off little party.
The House of Swagger photoshoot tells the story of six bloggers up for the best
shindig of all time! From breaking down the door, to arm wrestling championships,
Guitar Hero inspired rock offs and having to be carried home at the end of the
night, these are the houseparties that you always wish you got invited to at
Cloak & Swagger is a London based online magazine that started earlier this
year that highlights fashion, music and art to inspire eager young minds. They
encompass a collective of writers, artists, directors, photographers, producers,
and DJs. All with full-time jobs, they report from the loudest clubs, the brightest
shows and tell the story of their lives
less ordinary.'

So yes, check out Cloak and Swagger if you haven't already!


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